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This week I was re-introduced to video filming and editing.

In the morning we were capturing footage and in the afternoon editing it therefore at the end of the day we would have a finished piece.

we began by shooting some footage of the maquettes we had made the week before – experimenting with different lighting and trying to capture shadows created by the different lights. we then went out side to capture some footage that was related to our sculptures.

I was more interested in the wood I had placed my sculptures on than the actual sculptures so whilst outside I was looking for any and all sorts of wood.

In the afternoon we reviewed the footage, and I realized that the main technique I had been using was a vertical pan. I planned to use this to my advantage by having two clips running side by side, one panning up the wooden board up to the sculptures, and one panning down from the sky on to a garage covered in foliage.

Whilst refining these clips I realized that the obscurity of the sky juxtaposed against the close up of the wood grain of the board was much more interesting than the obvious connection between the living foliage on the garage and the compressed wood of the other clip. so I simply cut it all out.

I reversed and looped both tracks and i’m quite happy with the outcome for a short day.

The next step is to produce a story board with an idea for a clip, which i think i will benefit greatly in doing. I will able to plan out what i’m going to shoot and gain a clearer direction in my work.

However, yesterday was a good day in refreshing my premier pro skills and expanding the possibilities in my practice.




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